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Time Resolution


This option can be set by selecting in the main menu: Coding Options \ Time Resolution.



The user can set here the temporal resolution with which the coded events will be recorded. The resolution set here is determined by the accuracy required by the analysis. The value set in the Time Resolution box will be the shortest time unit where two closely following events can be distinguished (their change recorded). Setting this value too high might result in not being able to precisely determine durations or latencies. If two events alternate too fast then the user will not be able to record them. On the other hand setting this value too low could result in coding getting more difficult, and the coding sheet getting harder to oversee. As a rule of thumb a value of 0.2 seconds might be optimal for the majority of tasks. A value lower than 0.1 is not recommended.


If a higher precision is required then Frame Based Coding should be selected. Frame based coding is not working with all video file formats! It should be tested first if the program accepts the video files intended to use.



Once the time resolution is selected, video files coded and data saved the time resolution can not be changed. If it turns out later that higher precision is needed then coding has to be completely repeated, the already coded files can not be reused. Therefor it is crucial to choose the appropriate time resolution at the beginning!