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Marker Elements and Episodes


The usage of Marker Elements is necessary if a single video file contains multiple experiments / trials / episodes. To calculate separate statistics for each episode, the program needs one or multiple a markers which separates the individual episodes. Marker elements do not differ from behavioral elements, only the usage during analysis makes any element a marker.


Marker elements should be Instant Events since they signify the beginning of a certain episode. Only the beginning of the episode has to be labeled / marked by them. It is also a good practice to put them in a separate category. 


Depending on the needs of the user, one or multiple marker elements can be defined and used. Using multiple markers can help keeping track of the position among episodes while coding. This can be further aided by checking Count on-the-fly and/or Display markers for the elements.


In case multiple subjects are defined, Same for all Subjects should be checked for all markers.