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Setting Up Behavioral Elements


Right clicking on a button will bring forth the Button Properties window.



On the left side panel are the options for managing categories.


On the middle panel are the options for the selected button/behavioral element:


Button Name: The name of the behavioral element.


Instant Event: Influences the reaction of the behavioral element while coding. When checked, then clicking on the behavioral element will result in one instance of that element being written to the actual time slot of the coding sheet. When left unchecked, then clicking on the behavioral element will first activate the element, filling all time slots as the video proceeds, until the behavioral element is deactivated. Either by clicking on it again, or by clicking on any other element in the same category.

It also influences the way the frequency of the particular element is calculated. When checked then every single cell containing the element will be counted (four "Look at A" at the example bellow). When left unchecked then adjacent cells containing the same element will be counted as one (two "Look at A" at the example bellow).



Hotkey 1 - Hotkey 2: Hotkeys to activate the behavioral element during coding. Any alphabetical or numerical keyboard key can be defined as hotkey. One or two keys can be defined as hotkeys. In case two hotkeys are defined, then both keys have to be pressed to activate the behavioral element.


Sequence Independent: Has effect only if two hotkeys are defined. When checked, then the two keys can be pressed in any sequence to activate the behavioral element. If left unchecked then first Hotkey 1 has to be pressed then while holding it Hotkey 2 has to be pressed. Doing it the other way round would not activate the behavioral element, so the reverse order hotkey combination can be used for another element.


Count on-the-fly: If checked then during coding, the program will calculate the frequency of the particular element in real time and display it on the button face. Helps keep track of how many times the particular element has been used, this can be useful if button is used as a marker element.


Display markers: It makes sense using this option in case of having more than one marker element. Checking this option by all of them will make the actual marker's button being highlighted (bold letters on button face) when being in that particular marker's episode. This can greatly help orienting in the video especially when reopening an already coded data file.


Button Face Color: The color of the behavior element can be chosen. This affects the color of the button and the color of the cells in the coding sheet. The user can toggle the colorization on or off in the main menu: Program Settings \ Color Buttons & Program Settings \ Color Coding Sheet


On the right side panel are the options for managing attributes when multiple subjects are defined.