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Change Log


Solomon Coder beta 19.08.02

Changed: Domain for updates and webpage


Solomon Coder beta 17.03.22

New: "Stack output from files horizontally" option for mass extraction in "Analyze \ Output Preferences..."


Solomon Coder beta 17.03.21

Fixed: Giving incorrect "Subject name mismatch" error messages with older coding sheets

New: "Leading zeros" option for subject names in "Analyze \ Output Preferences..."


Solomon Coder beta 17.02.15

Fixed: Giving erroneous "Category name mismatch" messages


Solomon Coder beta 17.02.14

Improved: Checking for category and button name missmatch when loading coding sheets

Improved: Displaying reason of coding sheet incompatibility in mass extract output


Solomon Coder beta 16.06.26

Improved: "Save until Last Element" did not take in account comments


Solomon Coder beta 16.05.16

Fixed: Some codecs not displayed in " Select Audio\Video Decoder..." dialogs


Solomon Coder beta 15.11.19

New: "Program Settings \ Select Audio Decoder..." & "Program Settings \ Select Video Decoder...": After disabling the internal audio/video decoder (Program Settings \ Disable Internal Video Codec) users can specifiy which decoders Solomon Coder should prefer when opening videos.


Solomon Coder beta 15.03.15

Fixed: Incorrect error messages when configuration coding sheet integrity checks fail

Fixed: "Corrupted data file" error when opening coding sheets with less subjects than the current configuration

Improved: Checking if subject names match with current configuration when opening coding sheets


Solomon Coder beta 15.02.08

Fixed: "Creating Behavioural Elements" linked to wrong topic in help


Solomon Coder beta 15.01.13

Improved: Interaction targets displayed in Coding Sheet output


Solomon Coder beta 14.10.04

Fixed: "Range check error" on opening certain HR files


Solomon Coder beta 14.05.18

New: "Program Settings \ Disable Internal Video Codec": Option to disable built in video and audio codec for video playback. The program will rely on external codecs installed separately by the user or on the codecs integrated into the operating system. Useful in case of video formats where the built in codec can not handle the files properly. Warning: Might break certain video/audio related functions of the program (e.g. Oscillogram/Spectrogram, Video speed change, etc.)!


Solomon Coder beta 14.03.10

New: "Coding Options \ HR Options...": Options to filter too low or too high HR values


Solomon Coder beta 14.03.06

New: "Analyze \ Output Preferences \ Decimal Separator": Option to choose between dot, coma or system default


Solomon Coder beta 14.01.14

New: "Analyze \ Heart Rate": Possibility to calculate heart rate means

Fixed: Colored buttons geting scrambled when deleteing buttons in a configuration


Solomon Coder beta 14.01.09

Improved: "Extract HR Segments..." now exports not only the segmented HR data, but also a file for each behavioral element with all the segment data in it 


Solomon Coder beta 14.01.07

New: Options for displaying the spectrogram: "Gain", "Look", "Resolution"  (in "Coding Options \ AudVis Options")

Improved: Ability to open text files with various R-R data

Improved: Automatically recognizing if R-R data was opened and displaying additional information in the HR window

Improved: When saving Coding Sheet the HR data is resampled to match the time resolution of the Coding Sheet

Improved: "Extract HR Segments..." now exports the HR data without resampling


Solomon Coder beta 13.11.28

Improved: Ability to open HRM files with R-R data

Fixed: Alternations did not respect "Max. Gap Length" setting if gap consisted of only one empty cell


Solomon Coder beta 13.09.09

New: "Analyze \ Select Output \ Save Meta Data": Possibility to include meta data in output


Solomon Coder beta 13.08.20

Fixed: Hotkey creation logic 


Solomon Coder beta 13.07.09

Improved: Coding button number limit raised from 200 to 1000

Improved: Added second update server


Solomon Coder beta 12.09.04

Fixed regression: No audio playback with certain file types


Solomon Coder beta 12.09.02

Improved: Updated the help file

Improved: Time Resolution can store values with four digit precision


Solomon Coder beta 12.08.22

Fixed regression: Video files not opened with internal ffdshow codec after extracting audio for Oscillogram/Spectrogram


Solomon Coder beta 12.08.09

New: TAB key switches between subjects

New: Possibility to define hotkeys for subjects

Improved: "Analyze : Save Coding Sheet" now respects "Output only for..." settings

Fixed regression: "Range Check Error" when trying to export certain interaction types

Fixed: Color buttons not changing activation state appearance according to currently selected subject


Solomon Coder beta 12.07.09

New: "File \ Extract Video Segments...": Possibility to extract parts of the video corresponding to coded behavior. This function needs additional software to work: LAME DirectShow Filter for audio compression, Xvid Codec for video compression, ffdshow for audio/video decoding and Avisynth for cutting out parts of the original video. The audio and video compression can be set by clicking the "Compression" button in the "Extract Video" dialog. "Display encoding status" should be unchecked in the Xvid configuration under "Other Option..." The length of the extracted video segments can be extended by adjusting the "Extend margin" value.


Solomon Coder beta 12.07.09

Fixed: "Range Check Error" when trying to export more Combined Durations or Combined Frequencies than the number of coding buttons


Solomon Coder beta 12.06.16

New: It is possible to open config, data, video and audio files by dropping them onto the Solomon Coder window

Improved: When the user double clicks a config or a data file it will be opened in the already running Solomon Coder instead of just bringing the window to the front


Solomon Coder beta 12.06.06

New: "All" and "None" buttons in Analyze and Output Preferences

New: Displaying cell contents as tool tips when hovering mouse over coding sheet

Improved: Different button captions for Multi- and Uni-Directional interactions in Workspace Config mode

Improved: More efficient output generation when calculating results for interactions

Fixed: Output Preferences \ Limit interaction count now affects all levels of output calculations, enabling data extraction with a higher number of subjects

Fixed: "To Clipboard" in Analyze did not respect "Output only for..." settings

Fixed: Error when calculating latencies with "Zero point" set as marker

Fixed: Not displaying button descriptions as tool tips when hover mouse over buttons


Solomon Coder beta 12.03.26

Fixed: Error after loading a configuration or a coding sheet with the corresponding video already opened and "Frame Based Coding" enabled

Fixed: Oscillogram or Spectrogram not being extracted after a configuration or a coding sheet was loaded with the corresponding video already opened

Fixed: Error when changing playback rate with "Frame Based Coding" enabled


Solomon Coder beta 12.02.02

Fixed: "Range check error!" when trying to modify Alternation settings


Solomon Coder beta 12.01.27

Improved: Comments and HR panels can now be moved while in Coding mode when pressing the Alt key

Fixed: "Corrupted data file!" error when trying to load a coding sheet with fewer categories than the config and with Comments enabled


Solomon Coder beta 12.01.22

Improved: "Extract Audio Segments...", "Extract HR Segments..." and "Export Praat TextGrid..." options now respect the "Sort Elements Alphabetically" setting

Fixed: "Extract Audio Segments...", "Extract HR Segments..." and "Export Praat TextGrid..." options now react to Instant events the same way how "Frequencies" does


Solomon Coder beta 12.01.21

New: "File \ Export Praat TextGrid...": possibility to create a TextGrid from selected behaviors

Improved: Possibility to play back the video with 12.5% and 25% rate

Fixed: Volume bar unintentionally reacting to mouse wheel 


Solomon Coder beta 12.01.06

Fixed: Bug disabling video speed change under Windows XP


Solomon Coder beta 12.01.05

Fixed: Bug throwing "Interface not supported" error when video was started the first time after installing the program

Fixed: Bug throwing multiple error messages when loading a configuration without a Spectrogram after a configuration that had Spectrogram turned on


Solomon Coder beta 11.11.21

Fixed: Bug preventing to open coding sheets that are shorter than the video


Solomon Coder beta 11.10.24

New: Possibility to open .hrm files for heart rate coding

New: "File \ Extract HR Segments...": possibility to extract segments from heart rate data

Improved: Not showing time in the coding sheet rows where no behavior could be recorded

Improved: Smoother rendering of heart rate graph 

Improved: Spectrogram and oscillogram can now be used with a broader range of video formats

Improved: Language files integrated into executable

Improved: Version and CRC check files are downloaded into memory to decrease drive wear

Fixed: Opening coding sheets took too long

Fixed: Drawing on video appears now immediately after it is loaded

Fixed: All "Limit interaction count" and "Output only for" values are now set to true when new subjects are added


Solomon Coder beta 11.10.19

Fixed: Analyze \ Combined Frequencies \ One Line Output: checkbox not positioned correctly

Fixed regression: Analyze \ Latencies \ First Element Only: setting being too restrictive


Solomon Coder beta 11.10.17

Improved: Updates are downloaded via HTTP instead of FTP, this enables updates on networks where FTP traffic is blocked

Improved: Colored coding buttons now change their hue to signal their state

Fixed: Coding buttons did not change pressed/unpressed state when activated by hotkeys

Fixed: Sometimes it was not possible to resize the coding sheet on its right side

Fixed: Paused video does not disappear in VMR mode after covered by an other window

Fixed: Program detects whether it is possible to use VMR mode

Fixed: Program detects whether it is possible to change the playback rate of the video

Fixed regression: Not all latency values were given in output when Latencies were set to its default setting


Solomon Coder beta 11.10.13

Improved: Video frames are displayed even while the video is paused and the user is continuously scrolling through the video

Improved: "Button Properties" dialog rearranged for a better understanding of the features


Solomon Coder beta 11.10.06

New: The ffdshow audio/video codec is now tightly integrated into Solomon Coder. This safeguards against conflicts with other programs that might use ffdshow and enables to update ffdshow together with the rest of the program.


Solomon Coder beta 11.09.27

New: The program keeps a backup of any opened and modified data file. If the program crashes and the file was not saved the user is offered a possibility to recover the lost data on the next startup.

New: Only one instance of Solomon Coder can run at any time

Improved: Restoring ffdshow settings on program exit

Fixed: From this version on the program can be updated by non-administrator users too


Solomon Coder beta 11.09.11

Improved: From this version on the program can be updated by non-administrator users too

Improved: Updater compatibility with Windows' User Account Control

Improved: Uninstaller removes registry entries for all users


Solomon Coder beta 11.09.07

Improved: GUI compatibility with modern Windows theme


Solomon Coder beta 11.09.02

Improved: Video retains aspect ratio even when Video Mode is set to Normal

Improved: ffdshow settings are restored to their original state even if program does not close properly

Fixed: Out of range error when calculating latencies and the marker was missing

Fixed regression: Updater not working


Solomon Coder beta 11.07.04

Fixed: "Export from Files to Clipboard..." and "Export from Directory to Clipboard..."  functions not respecting "Limit interaction count" and "Output only for..." settings


Solomon Coder beta 11.06.20

New: "Analyze / Output Preferences... / Sort Elements Alphabetically": the elements in all of the Analyze windows will be sorted alphabetically instead of their order of creation.

New: "Analyze / Output Preferences... / Always list self directed": for elements that are interactions which are not self directed, the self directed component will still be listed in the output.

New: "Analyze / Output Preferences... / Limit interaction count": for elements that are multidirectional the user can select the number of recipients the program should list the output for. e.g.: selecting only 2 means that only those interactions will be listed that were directed against two recipients but those that were directed against one, three or more will not be listed.

New: "Analyze / Output Preferences... / Output only for...": output will be only generated for the selected subjects.

New: "Analyze / Output Preferences... / Regard overstretching elements as one": if a behavior/event is divided by a a marker then the program will not count this element twice (once for the phase before and after the marker) when calculating Frequencies, but only count it once for the phase where the behavior/event started. When calculating Durations / Percentages the whole duration of the behavior/event will be counted for the phase where the behavior/event started. When calculating Percentages this will lead to the increase of "Total Time" (length of phase) with the additional length the behavior(s)/event(s) stretch beyond the marker. This setting does only apply to Frequencies and Durations / Percentages.

Improved: "Save from Zero Point", "Save until Last Element", "Save as Numbers", "Everything in one line" and "Output File Format" moved from "Analyze / Output Options" to "Analyze / Output Preferences..."

Improved: "Analyze / Output Options" renamed to "Analyze / Select Output"

Fixed: Buttons with unidirectional interactions let the users select more than one recipients as the target

Fixed: CSV files not aware of the local separator character


Solomon Coder beta 11.06.01

Fixed: Error message when opening Coding Sheets with Zero Point set


Solomon Coder beta 11.04.23

Fixed: Scroll bars did not appear automatically when window content did not fit on screen


Solomon Coder beta 11.04.15

Fixed: Data Saved/Loaded misaligned in the first row of the coding sheet


Solomon Coder beta 11.03.28


This can lead to some functions being temporarily broken.

Please send an e-mail if you find any bugs!


New: Analyze / Export from Files...

New: Analyze / Export from Directory...

New: File / Extract Audio Segments...

Improved: Smaller .arch file size

Improved: Shift+Left click on coding sheet activates deletion of behavior elements

Fixed: Drawing on video in VMR mode was sometimes not accurate


Solomon Coder beta 11.01.22

New: Program Settings / Color Buttons

New: Program Settings / Color Coding Sheet

New: Star at the end of window caption indicating if coding sheet was changed

Improved: Possibility to close video when loading a coding sheet that does not fit the length of the currently opened video

Fixed: Memory leaks when loading videos before loading their respective coding sheets

Fixed: Not jumping to Zero Point when loading videos after loading their respective coding sheets


Solomon Coder beta 10.12.10

Fixed: Various improvements of the video 

Fixed: Error message when trying to delete buttons


Solomon Coder beta 10.11.29

New: "Program Settings" / "Show Button Descriptions": in the "Button Properties" window it is possible to add a short description to each button, which will appear if the mouse hovers longer than two seconds over a button

Fixed: The "100% at Last Element" option did not work in "Durations / Percentages" if only "Zero Point" was selected from the "Markers" list


Solomon Coder beta 10.11.08

Fixed regression: Unable to generate Oscillogram / Spectrogram


Solomon Coder beta 10.11.03

New: User interface is now translated to German. Courtesy of Eveline Myska.

Improved: Version History moved to Help.

This way even yet undocumented features can be found when searching in the help.

Improved: MPEG-1 decoding is enabled in ffdshow on program startup in addition to  MPEG-2

Fixed: Some ffdshow settings were not turned back to their original state after program closed


Solomon Coder beta 10.09.26

Improved: Optimized code for calculating current marker position and counter button frequencies, decreased processor load for long videos

Improved: Program attempts to use ffdshow for video decoding under Windows 7

Fixed: When clicking on the coding sheet it jumped to the wrong row

Fixed: Not asking the user to save the data if the coding sheet has been modified

Fixed: Flush coding sheet before loading data even if the length is the same


Solomon Coder beta 10.07.31

Fixed: Ineffective memory allocation when saving coding sheets or output


Solomon Coder beta 10.07.15

Fixed: Wrong formatting of analyzed data: names of elements were shifted compared to values


Solomon Coder beta 10.07.12


This bug was causing data to be saved erroneously when coding multiple subjects, possibly causing data loss!

It was present since version 10.06.10.

Within one cell (same time point and same category) only the data for the subject with the highest number was saved.


When loading the data the only saved element was moved to the first subject, so re-saving the data completely scrambled subject membership.

Now the program saves the data correctly and displays the remaining behaviors at the correct subject given data was not loaded and re-saved in the meantime.


I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and will try to be more strict about testing the program before releasing updates!

I would like to remind everyone about the necessity of backing up the data before using a newer version and of testing the programs new features before starting actual work.


Solomon Coder beta 10.07.07

Fixed: Bug preventing opening of data files with more then 9 buttons when interactions turned on


Solomon Coder beta 10.07.05

Improved: Combined Durations / Percentages and Combined Frequencies windows can be resized now if they are larger than the screen


Solomon Coder beta 10.06.16

New: Analyze / Latencies now support output for Interactions

Fixed: Analyze / Frequencies gave incorrect values for interactions

Fixed regression: CSV files saved incorrectly


Solomon Coder beta 10.06.12

New: Analyze / Frequencies and Durations / Percentages now support output for Interactions


Solomon Coder beta 10.06.10

Fixed: Left clicking on coding sheet did not jump to the desired time point

Fixed: Erroneous window size saved when running the program maximized and sometimes controls saved with negative coordinates

Improved: Window sizing and positioning when opening a config file at differing desktop / screen settings then the one where it was originally created

Improved: Defined two interaction sub-types: -Direction: Uni-directional / Multi-directional; -Can be self directed: Yes / No

Improved: Subject names automatically get a number prefix based on their order

Improved: Added hotkey support for Subject List: Ctrl + number of subject

Improved: Optimized code for calculating current marker position, decreased processor load for long videos

Improved: Undo / Redo and Delete operations now support multiple subjects and the "Applies for all Subjects" property


Solomon Coder beta 10.05.30

New: Possibility to code interactions by checking "Interaction" in Button Properties.

The targets of the interaction can be set by clicking on the small button that appears right of the coding buttons.


Fixed: Program not saving the status of video mode if set to Normal

Fixed: "Same for all Subjects" not working properly if a button with this property was pressed twice in a row

Improved: Error message if data to be loaded is corrupted


Solomon Coder beta 10.05.29

New: Possibility to save output in one line even with multiple markers (analyze tabs: One-line Output) or with different output types (Analyze / Output Options / Everything in one-line )

New: Possibility to save / load images drawn on the video window

Fixed: Latency calculation did not count the latency of elements which started at an earlier point than where the marker was placed



Solomon Coder beta 10.05.27

Fixed: Unexpected reacting of playback rate changer to key presses

Improved: Updater is downloaded to temporary folder to increase compatibility with Windows 7

Improved: Increased the border area of objects which react to resizing

Improved: Code sheet can be resized at top and right edges too now in Coding mode 


Solomon Coder beta 10.05.25

Improved: Drawing on Video Window works even in Normal video mode.

This feature is provided for compatibility with systems that lack Direct3D support, and should only be used if drawing does not work properly in VMR mode


Solomon Coder beta 10.05.22

New: Possibility to resize and move the video window,  the coding sheet, the Spectrogram / Oscillogram and the coding buttons during coding by holding down the Alt key

Improved: Oscillogram / Spectrogram synchronization with the audio playback

Improved: Oscillogram / Spectrogram audio extraction speed by copying the extracted audio directly to memory

Improved: Haali Media Splitter added to installer

Improved: Detection of processor core number to improve video playback and Spectrogram calculation speeds


Solomon Coder beta 10.05.20

New: Coding Options / Spectrogram

New: Coding Options / Sample Rate

Set sample rate for oscillogram and spectrogram, lower rate results in faster audio extraction

New: Display Video Window size on resize in Workspace Config mode

New: Possibility to draw on Video Window, only works in VMR video mode

Fixed: Changes to video playback mode not loaded on program startup

Improved: Oscillogram / Spectrogram audio extraction speed by disabling the video stream during extraction

Improved: Coding sheet loading speed


Solomon Coder beta 10.05.16

New: File / Open Audio...

Can open mp3 and wav files, try it together with the oscillogram!

Improved: Oscillogram now works with video files with non mp3 audio streams, needs additional Haali Media Splitter to be installed.

Haali Media Splitter also enables more video types to be opened, like: mts, m4v, mp4, mov.

Improved: Reintroduced the possibility to choose between Normal and VMR video playback mode

Improved: Reintroduced the possibility to change video playback speed, turn on VMR video playback mode for optimal results.

While video playback speed is changed audio playback is disabled, use oscillogram if  audio has to be monitored.


Solomon Coder beta 10.05.10

New: Possibility to code multiple subjects with the same button set simultaneously.

Number and name of subjects can be set by right clicking the combo box above the coding sheet in Workspace config mode.

Checking the "Same for all Subjects" property will make the button work on all subject's coding sheet when pressed.

Switching between subject during coding is possible by left  clicking on the same combo box.

Improved: Buttons stay pressed down when activated while coding


Solomon Coder beta 10.05.06

Fixed: The number of possible combinations was limited to the total number of behavioral elements in Combined Durations/Percentages and Combined Frequencies

Improved: Warning when user tries to open a file which was created with a newer version of the program


Solomon Coder beta 10.03.07

Improved: More detailed warning messages

Improved: Warning when user makes the configuration incompatible with its present form

Improved: Warning when user forgets to save a changed configuration

Improved: More intelligent width calculation for coding sheet cells


Solomon Coder beta 10.02.25

Fixed: Removed the error message that was displayed when none of the markers were found on the coding sheet from the "Markers" list when calculating results for analysis

Improved: More clever placing of the window when using a configuration with differently sized screens


Solomon Coder beta 10.02.12

New: "Order Matters" option in Alternations

Improved: Enabled multi select in the Analyze tabs' "Combinations to Save" list boxes to work with the Delete, Overwrite and Expand buttons

Improved: Clicking on the item captions of the Analyze tabs' Markers and "Elements to Save" list boxes is enough now to toggle the checkboxes

Improved: "To Clipboard" button now has a hotkey: Ctrl+C

Improved: Backward compatibility with older config files


Solomon Coder beta 10.02.09

Fixed: Bug preventing the opening of coding sheets with fever categories than the actual configuration


Solomon Coder beta 09.11.30

New: Clicking with middle mouse button on a behavioral element now works like clicking jump forward


Solomon Coder beta 09.11.10

Improved: The GUI on Analyze tabs only allows users to save output if at least one set of elements is added to "Combinations to Save" lists


Solomon Coder beta 09.11.08

New: Mute button

Improved: Oscillogram preparation speed

Fixed: Stepping with arrow keys did not work when frame based coding and oscillogram was turned on simultaneously


Solomon Coder beta 09.11.06

New: Coding Options / Oscillogram


Solomon Coder beta 09.11.01

New: Combined Percentages

New: Possibility to load behavioral elements from time sequences: -File / Load Time Sequence...; -Edit / Time Sequence Options

Improved: Settings on Analyze pages grouped according to relevance


Solomon Coder beta 09.10.26

Fixed: Bug preventing coding sheets to be opened without videos, when using frame based coding


Solomon Coder beta 09.10.22

Improved: Buttons change text color according to selected button face color

Improved: Custom color in "Button Properties / Button Face Color" retains its value even after "Button Properties" window is closed

Removed: Wind forward/backward buttons, Video Window now can be resized to a smaller size


Solomon Coder beta 09.09.29

New: Button Properties / Button Face Color


Solomon Coder beta 09.06.26

Improved: Update method

Fixed: Navigation broken in MPEG2 files, due to rounding error when trying to determine current position in video file


Solomon Coder beta 09.06.25

Improved: Help file format changed to Microsoft Compiled HTML Help for greater compatibility with Windows Vista


Solomon Coder beta 09.06.23

New: Analyze / Combined Frequencies

Possibility to calculate Combined Frequencies.

Description included in the program help.


Solomon Coder beta 09.02.22

New: Help file included, can be reached from About \ Help or by pressing F1 or by clicking on the question mark where available

Improved: Video track bar now can be positioned by simply clicking on the desired position on the track bar

Improved: Combinations to Save lists now also have a vertical scroll bar

Improved: Statistics under Analyze can be set even in Workspace Config Mode

Improved: Only as much memory used as necessary for the number of behavioral elements defined

Removed: Insert button from each of the statistics tabs


Solomon Coder beta 09.01.11

New: Solomon.exe packed, size reduced to one third of original

Improved: Reopen Configuration now has five slots


Solomon Coder beta 09.01.09

Improved: Time Column in coding sheet now adjusts its width so it stays always readable and leaves more place for the data columns

Improved: Updater checks if user is an administrator and gives appropriate warning

Improved: Updater downloads version information from server to TEMP folder

Fixed: Global settings moved back from Solomon.cfg to registry because of error message when user logged in as non administrator


Solomon Coder beta 08.12.02

Improved: Open Coding Sheet now disabled if Mode switched to Workspace Config or configuration changed

Improved: Edit \ Meta Data now has a hotkey: Ctrl+M

Fixed: Video Track Bar is now working immediately after opening a video file

Fixed: Video Track Bar is now working at frame based coding

Fixed: Meta Data is not carried over between Coding Sheets opened in succession


Solomon Coder beta 08.11.22

New: Marker option for buttons: highlights the button which is the actual marker at the given video position

Improved: Safer method for opening/closing files

Fixed: Bug preventing the Save Coding Sheet to work after reopening a coding sheet

Fixed: Error message when starting program without Solomon.cfg present

Fixed: Button and menu captions missing when starting for the first time


Solomon Coder beta 08.11.11

New: Analyze / Alternations /  Max. Gap Length (s)

Possibility to define a certain length of empty cells between the elements so that the program will treat the two separated sequences as adjacent for calculating the number of alternations.

New: Settings / Time Resolution / Frame Based Coding

New: Counter option for buttons: displays the frequency of the particular element on the buttons face, useful for keeping track of markers.

New: Double key hotkeys: pressing any two keys simultaneously can be defined as hotkeys

Improved: Settings menu split into Coding Options and Program Settings 

Improved: Global settings moved from registry to Solomon.cfg

Improved: Resize method of Code Viewer

Improved: Version number written into config files for improved backward compatibility in the future

Fixed: Bug that could cause program freeze when loading corrupted config file

Fixed: Erroneous recognition of file extensions when file name contained a period character


Solomon Coder beta  08.05.10

New: Edit / Meta Data: option to add meta information to the coding sheets.

The user can define an arbitrary number of meta data types in Workspace Config mode, these sets can be stored in a config file e.g.: Name/Age/Sex of the subject(s), type of experiment, etc..

Meta Values can be assigned in Coding mode.

Meta Types or Values can be imported from config/arch files already containing them.

Meta Values can be exported to clipboard or a file from multiple files for archiving or summarizing.

Specific coding sheets can be searched for, based on meta data.

The result of the search can be saved, the coding sheets opened, or the meta information exported from the group of files found.

New: Settings \ Time Format 


Solomon Coder beta 08.04.15

Fixed: Scroll bar caused video and audio playback problems


Solomon Coder beta 5 exp 3

New: Scroll bar on the Coding Sheet

New: Coding Sheet now can be moved by the mouse scroll wheel

New: Can delete entries by simultaneously pressing the Delete button on the  keyboard and clicking with the left mouse button on the coding sheet

New: File \ Close Video

Useful when the user wants to open a Coding Sheet  without the video but a previous video is already loaded.

New: Edit \ Undo (Ctrl+U) and Redo (CTRL+R)

New: About \ Version

Improved: File \ Open Coding Sheet now has a hotkey: Ctrl+O

Improved: Analyze \ Send to Clipboard now has a hotkey: Ctrl+C

Improved: Error messages default buttons changed

Improved: When only a Coding Sheet is opened without a Video the program caption now shows the file name

Improved: Automatic file extension registration with the setup / update

Improved: Video Window now can bee proportionally (4:3) resized by pressing the Shift key while resizing