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Output Preferences



On the Analyze \ Output Preferences... tab the user can set options that influence how data is processed during output calculations.


Coding Sheet


Save from Zero Point: The coding sheet will be exported from the zero time point. The parts of the coding sheet with "negative time" will not be saved.


Save until Last Element: The coding sheet will be exported until the last element only. Further sections of the coding sheet that contain no behavioral elements will not be saved.


Save as Numbers: Instead of saving the behavioral elements with the name displayed on their buttons, they will be saved as the numbers representing them in the program / .arch files. Useful for exporting coding sheets for analyzing them with other programs that require numeric input.


Output Format


Everything in one line: If One-line Output is set at each statistic that is selected for output, then the output will be rearranged to have every result in the same row.


Output File Format: The file format for the Analyze \ Save Output File and the Analyze \ Save Output File as... options can be set here.


Analyze Interface


Sort Elements Alphabetically: The elements in the Markers and Elements to Save lists will be sorted alphabetically instead of by their order of creation.




Always list self directed: The results for self directed actions will be listed, even if Can be self directed is set to No for the particular behavior.


Limit interaction count: Only interactions targeting the set amount(s) of targets will be listed in the results.




Output only for...: Output will be generated only for the selected subjects.


Frequencies, Durations / Percentages


Regard overstretching elements as one: When a behavior starts before a marker, but ends after it, it will not be split at the marker border, but will be counted as belonging to the marker where it started.