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Saving and Exporting Analyzed Output


Analyzed output can be saved as a file by either clicking on Analyze \ Save Output File or on Analyze \ Save Output File as... . The format of the output file can be set either in the Save as... dialog under File Type, or at Analyze \ Output Preferences : Output File Format. Alternatively the output can be sent directly to the clipboard by clicking on Analyze \ Send to Clipboard or by pressing Ctrl+C.


In order to be able to save the required output, the corresponding menu item has to be checked under Analyze \ Select Output. Or alternatively on the settings tab of the particular statistic.


An other way of obtaining the results only for a particular statistic is to click the Send to Clipboard button on the statistic's tab.


There are two options that appear on the tab of each statistic:


Transpose Output: By checking Transpose Output the rows and columns of the output table will be swapped.


One-line Output: Checking this option will rearrange the output to fit in one row (+ a header row). This is useful when exporting data from multiple files, and planing to further analyze it in other statistics software.