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Combined Frequencies and Combined Durations


Combined Frequencies and Combined Durations / Percentages calculate the frequencies, the durations and time percentages of a certain set of elements defined by the user. The results of Combined Frequencies in contrary to Frequencies DO NOT depend on whether the elements in question are Instant Events or not! The settings for calculating Combined Frequencies and Combined Durations / Percentages can be set by clicking on Analyze \ Combined Frequencies or Analyze \ Combined Durations / Percentages.



The method for setting the desired output in Combined Frequencies and Combined Durations  / Percentages differs from the ones described previously but it is the same for both.


The desired combinations can be defined by setting the Search Matrix. The Search Matrix consists of all the elements ordered in their categories, and in every category there is an additional checkbox for the empty cells. During calculating the results rows of the coding sheet are regarded as containing a certain combination, if in every category there is an element which was checked in the Search Matrix (even if it is an empty cell!).


For example if one wants to know what was the total duration of "Stand" and "Look at A"  occurring together then in the Search Matrix's "Posture" category only "Stand" should be checked and in the "Attention" category only the "Look at A". In categories of no interest ALL of the elements have to be checked!


After the search matrix is set, one has to select the Marker(s) where from the analysis should be started (see Starting to Analyze). As the last step a name should be given to the combination in the Combination's Name box and added to the Combinations to Save list by clicking on the Add button. This way multiple different combinations can be added to the list.


100% at Last Element and Save Total Time in Combined Durations / Percentages have the same function as in Durations / Percentages.


Output can be obtained as described in Saving and Exporting Analyzed Output.