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Latencies calculates the latency of every element included in the Combinations to Save list. Latencies are calculated in seconds from the marker element chosen in the Markers checklist box. The settings for calculating latencies can be set by clicking on Analyze \ Latencies.



The desired output can be set as described in Starting to Analyze but there are also some additional options.


First Element Only: Only the first occurrences of the behavioral elements will be taken in account.


Save Everything: Even if a behavioral element does not occur, a latency will be assigned to it equal to the maximum latency set. If not checked then only the elements which occur will be displayed in the output.


Max. Latency (s): The maximum value of latency in seconds. If any element has a higher value then it will be reduced to the value set by Max. Latency.


In One Row: The behavioral elements and their corresponding latency values are not displayed below but beside each other. First the behavioral elements in as many columns as defined in Columns (2x) then the latency values for each of the elements.


Columns (2x): The number of columns to be used for the In One Row options.


Output can be obtained as described in Saving and Exporting Analyzed Output.