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Reopening Data Files for Analysis or for Adding New Data


Data files (with .arch extension) can be opened by clicking on File \ Open Coding Sheet... (Ctrl+O). Data files can be reopened and analysis carried out on them without the need to open the video file that was used when creating them.


When opening a data file with a configuration already loaded, then the program checks whether the two are compatible. If they are compatible then the program asks the user if the configuration stored in the data file should be used or the one already loaded. This can be useful in two ways. 1) If the user created a configuration with settings for analysis, then previously created data can be opened with this configuration and the output of the analysis extracted from each of them. This way the analysis parameters don't have to be set at every data file, and the desired output can be extracted in an uniform manner. 2) The other use of this option is when the user wants to code additional variables, and created an extended configuration file from the previous one (see warnings for modifying Configurations).