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Undo, Redo, Delete, Cancel, Jump Backward, Jump Forward


It can happen that entries are erroneously recorded. In this cases there are several options for correcting the mistake. One option is to use the Edit \ Undo or Ctrl+U which removes or restores the last element(s) entered or deleted in the coding sheet. In case something was unnecessarily undone the Edit \ Redo or Ctrl+R can be used.


An other option to delete entries is to left click on the Coding Sheet into the column where the unnecessary entries are while holding down the Delete key. In the middle gray row "XXXXX" will appear. If deleting more than one consecutive entries the user should scroll the Coding Sheet with the arrow keys until all entries are covered with the "XXXXX" symbols. After pressing the Delete key again all entries below the "XXXXX" will be deleted.


The third option to delete entries is to use the context menu. This can be displayed by either right clicking on one of the columns of the Coding Sheet, or on one of the buttons. When clicking on Delete "XXXXX" will appear in the middle gray row in the category corresponding to the column or button where the user displayed the context menu. The elements required to be deleted should be selected by scrolling the coding sheet. The elements can be deleted permanently by either calling forth the context menu again and clicking on Delete, or by pressing the Delete key on the keyboard.


The context menu's Cancel option deactivates the button which is active in the actual category and removes the entries without making them permanent. It also can cancel an initiated delete action.


The context menu has two other options: Jump Backward and Jump Forward. When activating the context menu by right clicking on a button, these options will jump backward / forward to the nearest entry of that particular element. When activating the context menu by right clicking on one of the columns in the coding sheet, then Jump Backward / Jump Forward will have a submenu with all the elements in the category.